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How to buy property in Egypt?

This may sound obvious, but a surprising number of people buy land or a home without properly assessing their long term requirements or thinking about all the consequences of their purchase.

Determine Your Requirements

If you want to buy property, then we strongly recommend that you spend some time with one of our professional consultants who can: share your vision mention all the options explain the benefits of each area simplify the consequences of ownership Our primary goal when we meet clients is to help them understand what they really want, so that we can provide them with all the relevant information and locate the most suitable investment, land, villa, or any other property for their needs.

  • STEP 1 – DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET: Every budget has its own property that can produce a very good return. Land prices mainly depend on a location, views and services such as roads, water and electricity Our consultants can help you determine what type of property fits your budget. Also our website has price guidelines. If you are searching for something special, we can choose the land and build your dream home for you.
  • STEP 2 – WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? Sold out. The

    The Red Sea cities, especially Hurghada, are so exotically beautiful that many travelers as well as holidaymakers find themselves staying there for a long term or even work. So most of them usually are searching to buy property for:

    • Investments
    • Long-term residence
    • Short-term residence (holiday home)
  • Hurghada has produced clear investment returns over the last six years, and looks like it is going to keep up the good work. If you are buying as an investor, then you have to focus on:
    • land
    • housing development project
  • Both of these will produce the best returns and the most profitable investment if you wish to buy and hold, then offer to sell in the future.
  • Property purchase. Most people who invest in Hurghada do so because they want to live or stay on holiday here, meaning they want to invest via property that they can live in. This can take the form of:
    • land purchase then construction
    • buying a ready-made home
  • Take into consideration some of the related factors like running expenses and rental possibilities.
  • Step 3 – Which type of property do you want? You have to ask yourself the following questions: Do I want to live directly near the beach, or would I prefer a sea view from the distance? Do I want mountains view property, or would I like a holiday home which is easy to rent? Do I want to be close to main shopping areas, beaches and restaurants? What is my favorite place in the city?
  • Step 4 – Get to know the town

    Before you even consider looking for land and property, get to know the town. This can be an enjoyable and informative process as there are so many beautiful places to see, fantastic restaurants, bars and many different types of entertainment, such as diving, snorkeling, desert safari etc. Check our map and area guide, visit other informative websites, locations, places of interest, great restaurants, bars, and don't forget about our office.

  • Step 5 – View different types of property

    You need to see different types of property to compare prices and other related factors like a location, view and services, such as electricity and water, provided. Our team will explain to you the advantages of each kind.

Purchasing Tips

  1. According to your needs, access the location and view the property.
  2. Check the legal details: ownership papers, size of the land, building permissions.
  3. Check that you have access to the land.
  4. Take into consideration the building costs. Our team will tell you more about it. Generally, the costs vary from property to another according to its type and sometimes location. Costs are usually calculated per square meter.
  5. Check the infrastructure: availability of water, electricity, telephone lines, and concrete roads.
  6. Surrounding developments are a very important factor that can affect the price of your property in the future, positively or negatively. Our team can help you with this matter and provide full service.

Property Tips

  1. Location is a very important factor in the price determination process. For example, a plot of land located directly on the beach will be much more expensive than another plot of the same size, having a sea view from the distance or a mountains view.
  2. With the increase in the size of a land plot increases the price (for the same location).
  3. Consider building quality and raw materials. For example, flat slim constructing, an American kitchen and marble floors.
  4. High/low level finish affects a property price.

These tips are applicable whether you are buying property at home or abroad, so don’t panic. Our legal department will provide you with a professional lawyer for the best legal service to prepare your purchasing contract that will guarantee and protect your rights. The contract will be translated into your language and stamped as well.