Real estate in Egypt

Real estate in Egypt

Whether you are intending to buy property for vacation or for investment purposes, Egypt presents numerous reasons why it should be your destination of choice. Below are a few of the characteristics of Egypt that make it an ideal choice for real estate investment.

• Sunshine all year-round with mild climate, makes Egypt quite literally a 365 day holiday destination.

• Massive coastlines on both the Mediterranean and Red Sea offer sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

• Catering to travelers with various interests, Egypt overwhelms you with unmatched experiences from historical wonders, exciting water sports, and safaris in the untamed deserts all the way to hip nightlife partying and sheer relaxation by basking on the beach or sailing down the river Nile.

• A vast wealth of heritage and culture. Egypt, the land of the Pyramids, is the birthplace of the world’s first recorded civilization. By the river Nile, almost every other civilization has left its mark.

• Despite the recent increase in property prices in Egypt, they are still extremely attractive, yielding substantial annual capital appreciation.

• High rental returns and good value for money on your property. • Egypt appears to be a safe-haven from the international turmoil in the property market, thanks to restricted mortgage and lending practices. However, prices started stabilizing as the price increase curve drops, even though demand continues to exceed supply.

• Low cost of living.

• Government policies aiming to attract foreign investment by streamlining and easing property purchase for overseas buyers.

• Favorable property taxation schemes.

• Perfect geographical location with easy air access, and short flight times.

• Favorable property taxation schemes.

• Perfect geographical location with easy air access, and short flight times.

• Natural un-spoilt landscapes.

• Huge investments in infrastructure, boosts the property market further.

• English is widely spoken after the native language, Arabic.

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